Facing My Truth!

Women covering her eyesI received an email recently from one of my readers who confessed that she is having a problem with “jealousy” in a particular relationship. She wanted to be honest with herself about it. I gave her my input but marveled at God’s timing because, only a few days before, I too had decided to face the TRUTH about a certain issue.

You see, I’ve been on a diet since Jesus ascended into the Heavens (or it seems like it!). Some time ago, I went on an pricey program and lost noticeable weight but when I saw it was creeping back, I went into denial and stopped weighing myself. I just didn’t want to go on another strict plan because it is so inconvenient to our busy lifestyle—and I hate high protein/low carb eating (which really works for me; vegetarian eating makes me gain weight).

Well, I had my annual physical last week. I closed my eyes when the nurse weighed me so that I couldn’t see what the scale registered. I dared her to tell me.

However, the next morning, I decided to face the Truth—who is always a Friend and Motivator. I looked at my medical visit summary and although I didn’t like what I saw, I kept my joy. I reminded myself of all the blessings and favor I have in my life. I’m active (more than most in my age bracket) and can walk several miles at a good clip. I’m not on ANY medication for ANYTHING. Plus, I’m saved, sane, and a productive member of society, impacting the world with my gift of writing and pointing people to the Word. I have a great, long-term (39-yr) marriage and great relationships with my family (well, MOST of ’em) and in-laws.


As a public speaker, I have to live with the reality that people LOOK at women before they LISTEN to them. {Actually, in some environments, a little extra weight makes a woman more “relatable” as the audience identifies with her struggle. Wonderful–but that’s not my goal.}  Now, being a Joy Fanatic and not one to stay in the dumps for more than a few seconds, I asked myself, “What now?” I re-committed to taking practical steps to conquering this giant—without sacrificing too much quality of life. I’m not going to be obsessive, but I’ll continue my fight for fitness. By the grace of God, I will consistently drink 64-80 oz of water per day, engage in some form of exercise 5x a week for 30-45 minutes, eat less, and GET BED AT A DECENT HOUR (the main problem in my case).

So, my friends, if you have been in denial about any aspect of your life, I say decide NOW to make TRUTH your friend. We have the ULTIMATE HELPER—the Holy Spirit who guides us into ALL TRUTH (John 16:13) and empowers us to do what we have to do. STAY IN THE GAME; VICTORY IS OURS.

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  1. Laurie Fonseca
    Laurie Fonseca says:

    I love this Deborah! I too have had the same issue all my life, and that is no joke. At 12 I weighed 199lbs!!! My highest weight was around 300 (over to be honest) but I committed to getting healthy. I have never hit my goal weight although and like you I go into denial about the weight creeping back up. But you can tell and you don’t need a scale to be your indicator. My clothes do it for me. So as I read this you are right on so many accounts, a low carb high protein in what my body indicates works best for me. I love bread and the likes of that stuff, however when I eat too much my body reacts, not just in weight but my joints hurt! After reading this I’m going to commit too to being more accountable and HONEST with myself. I feel better too when I’m lighter. I don’t know about you but have you ever had people tell you that your looking too thin and yet you still have weight to reach goal. This has happened to me a lot!!!! And then I lose focus because I start to believe that the people saying this, however I should check motive! I think I don’t because then that gives me a reason to EAT!! Because I’m looking to thin! LIE! LIE! LIE! And I have bought into that!!! Thank you for being authentic, it is refreshing! PS Have you ever read a book called eat right for your blood type? I have also queried blood types on the computer. It really is interesting. I say this because you said that following a vegetarian diet. Again I don’t follow it to the “T” but I do believe that it is a tool and we are uniquely made by God! To give you an example I’m O- and it says that I should stay away from Brussel Sprouts. One day I ate some and in the middle of the night I was up, throwing up (sorry to be so blunt) because my body can’t digest them. As good as they are for me, they are not good for my body! It aggravates the chemistry in my body.
    Blessing Deborah, see you this morning at Pastor Sue’s church!

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