I try to keep rants to a minimum. However, I have a great burden to see people behave properly (i.e., considerately) towards others because it makes for higher quality relationships and works to their advantage in the long run. So to “cut to the chase”, here is a gentle reminder that the following behaviors are simply unacceptable:1) Texting/Talking while socializing with others. Ever thought about what it says to the person you are with? “You are not that significant to me. You are secondary to whomever I’m texting.” HEY FOLKS, PEOPLE LIKE TO BE WITH PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL.2) Texting while sharing ANY activity with another person who is TREATING you or PLANNED the activity sends this message: “I’m not that interested in this. I’m not that appreciative or respectful of the time or effort you are taking to spend with me.” JUST STOP THE SELFISHNESS, OKAY?Yes, there are times when an emergency requires an immediate response. But, every call is NOT an emergency. This addiction is real folks and it’s time to address it. Here are a couple of suggestions that may help:

1) Silence your phone during your time with others and don’t answer it unless it’s an emergency. 2) Try muting the phone in general and only checking it once an hour or so (unless you have dependent kids or you are a doc on call). 3) phone textingAdmit that your phone has become an idol in your life and ask God to deliver you from this addiction. Here’s how the psalmist prayed against things becoming a stronghold in his life:

“Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me.”
Psalms 119:133 NKJV {NOTE: “iniquity” means any injustice or inequality”}. I’M PRAYING THIS BIG TIME IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE.