During our last evening in Las Vegas this past Friday night, we passed a $12 million Jack Pot sign in a casino where we’d just stuffed ourselves at the buffet. For a fleeting moment, I mused about what life would be like ifjack-pot we could indeed win $12 million. Not being gamblers, it wasn’t a BIG temptation; nevertheless, I stood there for a minute and thought, “Does God want me to go for it???  Should I play this machine? The winnings would be put to good use.” For sure we’d pay our tithes, and give a significant amount to various charities and people with genuine needs— but then what? Mind you, I have a list of things that I could use the cash for–not your traditional trappings like fancy cars or designer clothes. I’m talking things that could make life a lot more pleasant/fun for our families–and US–even though we already enjoy significant conveniences.

Okay, to be honest, another reason I desired a huge nest egg is so that I wouldn’t have to  think about whether we will outlive our retirement accounts/royalty checks. What really caused me to pause as a woman of faith is that, when I “peeled the onion” and looked hard at my thinking, I realized that I obviously believed that a big nest egg would eliminate living by faith, depending totally on God. That’s gotta be pretty insulting to HIM who has promised to meet all our needs (Philippians 4:19) and cautioned us to “be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6)!

I’m going to apologize to God right now–for thinking that HE, as our Shepherd, would ever let us lack (Psalm 23:1). I’m apologizing for not recalling that He ALREADY has an awesome track record with us as a Provider–too many blessings to enumerate.

CONCLUSION? I didn’t dare place a cent in that $12 million Jack Pot machine.  I don’t have to live by chance or luck… my blessings are ASSURED (in fact, I never use the word “lucky” when referring to one of my favorable outcomes; everything good is God’s provision). Yes, I paused in front of that Jack Pot machine—but only to take the picture to share with you. The temptation was HISTORY in a moment!

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