Money Mentor book cover

“Money 360: The Relational and Emotional Dynamics of Mastering Personal Finances”

(Based upon the book, The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women)

Summary: This empowering presentation challenges the audience to look beyond the mechanics of budgeting and to understand the forces that really drive their financial decisions. The message also highlights the “must-knows” for key financial transactions, challenges participants to triumph over the emotional hurdles (enabling others, emotional spending, etc.) to astute financial management, to polish their image and networking skills, and to ask for what they want. Practical and biblically based, this presentation has brought financial freedom to many.

Confronting Without Offending book cover
“Confronting Without Offending”

(Based upon the book of the same title)

Summary: This presentation highlights the steps to an effective confrontation with an offending party; also discusses how to confront individuals based upon their personality temperament. Role-playing is incorporated (in workshop settings)  to drive home critical how-to’s.

 Taming Worry and Anxiety book cover 
      “Overcoming Worry and Anxiety”
       (Based upon the book: 30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety)
     Summary: The 30-day “stress less” challenge includes advice on ways to let go of  tension, how to admit mistakes, tips for        effective delegation, the necessity of physical activity, and much more. Participants learn techniques that will instantly                   restore peace and improve the quality of their lives.

30 Days To a Stronger More Confident You

“How to Walk in Supreme Confidence” 

Summary: Covers the secrets and strategies for showing up with confidence; highlights how to wage an effective attack on self–doubt and insecurity. The audience will also learn how to:

      • value individuality in themselves and others
      • establish boundaries
      • conquer perfectionism
      • stop envying
      • embrace & enjoy their success