How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable!

Is anger, sarcasm, or a negative tone really necessary when expressing a different view?

Compatibility Quiz

A Pre-marital 20/20 Vision Quiz for Financial Compatibility

“…it may not be romantic, but it is certainly revealing when you get insight into your future husband’s financial beliefs, habits, and history.”

Ways for Whites and Blacks to bridge the racial divide download image

10 Ways Whites & Blacks Can Bridge the Racial Divide

Resolve to put down your broad stereotyping brush. Racism is learned and you have the capacity to let go of it if you desire to do so.

Cheryl Martin

Handling Distractions

I want you to pause and ask yourself, “What are my enticing delicacies or distractions? What “dish” does Satan offer me and I usually accept, but it’s destroying me, hindering me from being distinctive for God’s purposes?

Taming Your Fears book cover

Fear-Fighting Scriptures

30 Days to Taming Worry and Anxiety

The Coronavirus Crisis: Are You Hosting the Fear Virus?

“…more destructive than the physical virus is the emotional virus that has currently infected the masses worldwide: fear.

A Scriptural Prayer Against the Coronavirus & Fear Virus

Deborah Pegues Vision board

5 Intentions You Must Have in 2020

Get God’s plan and WRITE it down.  Attach a due date to each goal; a goal without a due date is a just a WISH.

My Prayer for Creativity and Focus

I ask for your creativity to present ideas, principles, and truths in a fresh and compelling way.