A Pre-marital 20/20 Vision Quiz for Financial Compatibility

It’s okay to get financially intimate before marriage!

Almost every couple contemplating marriage tends to avoid or gloss over the dreaded “financial talk.” Well, it may not be romantic,
but it is certainly revealing when you get insight into your future husband’s financial beliefs, habits, and history. My heart’s desire is to see couples approach this crucial exercise with ease and an intent to understand. Therefore, I developed the 20-question quiz  {A Premarital 20/20 Vision Quiz for Financial Compatibility) below to facilitate the conversation and to reveal areas of potential conflict. Rather than sucking the romance out of the relationship, completing this exercise just may be the key to keeping your marriage on solid ground as you  go into it with your financial eyes wide open about your man’s money mind-set (as well as your own) and potential money pitfalls.

(Excerpted from THE ONE-MINUTE MONEY MENTOR for WOMEN  (Deborah Smith Pegues)


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