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Prayer-a-phrase It!

Hey! I have a new term I’m using for personalizing the Word: “prayer-a-phrase”… it means to paraphrase a Scripture and declare it as your own personal truth: For example: Romans 8:28 says that all thing work together for good… (you know the rest); well, when I declare it, I say, “All things are working together […]

5 Ways to Stop Bad Relatives from Spoiling Good Times

“Sara, I won’t be attending the annual family holiday party”, Jeremy declared. Sara’s heart sank. She’d hope for 100% participation from all her six brothers and their families. Jeremy continued, “No way am I going to be in the same space with John {his oldest brother}. He is loony and nobody seems to want to […]

A Call to the Strong, Independent Woman—Stop Emasculating Your Man!

I’m a strong, educated, and financially-independent woman who was fortunate enough to have two wise spiritual mentors. They both emphasized the importance of understanding a man’s need to be needed. I heeded their advice in each of the areas discussed below and it’s worked for me for almost 35 years. I’m concerned because several men […]

Why Elisha Received a Double Anointing

Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing because…. 1) He asked for it. God had already appointed him (1 Kings 19:16) to be Elijah’s successor, but Elisha didn’t just want to be head of the prophets, he wanted to maximize his effectiveness. 2) He made it a top priority; he left his “farming” business […]

Step Out on Faith; Forget About Plan B!

Elisha was plowing the field with a team of oxen when Elijah threw his mantle (cape) on him thus indicating he had been chosen to be his successor as the prophet in Israel and head of the school of prophets. Elisha made no provision for returning to his old job if things didn’t work out. […]

Is Success Destroying Your Peace?

Is your progress or success overwhelming your sense of peace? It may be time to: 1) re-evaluate–maybe even re-define– what progress or “success” really means to you 2) make some hard choices regarding eliminating the distracting (though well-meaning) people or situations in your life 3) go back to basics (simple, low cost activities)… even if […]

No Way To Pay!

I was standing behind a lady at the checkout counter today at one of my favorite discount variety stores when the clerk totaled her purchases. The customer didn’t have enough money to pay for all of her items so she began to select things to leave behind. “Oh no”, I said to the clerk. “Just […]

Stay Focused!

I had a serious aha moment today during my water aerobics class. The instructor had us doing an elbow to knee exercise for what seemed an eternity. Finally, unable to do another repetition, I asked him, “Are we ever going to switch to the left leg?” He replied, “Oh, we changed over a long time […]

Conquer Your Performance Insecurity

CONQUERING INSECURITY Too many of God’s children are plagued with insecurity and a sense of inadequacy. They have an “omniscience-complex” – they think they need to know EVERYTHING about a subject matter, an assignment, a potential job or promotion, a career move–before they start it. We must learn to declare in advance what Daniel said […]