Stay Focused!

Stay focused

I had a serious aha moment today during my water aerobics class. The instructor had us doing an elbow to knee exercise for what seemed an eternity. Finally, unable to do another repetition, I asked him, “Are we ever going to switch to the left leg?” He replied, “Oh, we changed over a long time ago!”

Apparently I had gotten distracted (looking out the window, closing my eyes, thinking about my to-do list, etc.) and missed his cue. I think that we relate to God like this sometimes. We are going thru the motions of following Him, exhausting ourselves to no avail, only to discover that we are pursing a path, project, or relationship whose season has ended.

I’m going to make every effort to stay focused on Him, check in often to see if I’m still in step, and most of all, get back on track when I see that I’m not! What about you? Are you walking in sync with His plan for your life?

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