5 Ways to Triumph Over Envy

5 Ways to Triumph Over Envy

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I have to confess that I’m GREEEEEN with Envy about Fawn Weaver’s book “Happy Wives Club” making the #3 spot on the New York Time’s bestsellers list. It’s been prophesied that one of my books will soon, but it hasn’t happened yet (drats!). Nevertheless, I know how to triumph over ENVY and I want to help those of you who often get attacked by this green-eyed monster. Here’s how to slay ENVY and make it work FOR you:

1) USE IT AS A MOTIVATOR. Envy is rooted in DISCONTENTMENT. {It is distinguished from Jealousy which is rooted in FEAR, the fear of being displaced.} Envy reminds you of what you “should” or “could” do or be. So, when it first attacks you, ask God, “What is your plan for ME?” “What should I be doing right now to get on track to fulfilling MY purpose?” Thank God for the motivation.

2) SPEAK WELL OF THE PERSON YOU ENVY TO EVERYONE YOU MEET. I’m bragging to the world about how proud I am of Fawn. She’s young, creative, and smart! A marketing genius! She’s helped me in the past with her marketing tips. I’m old enough to be her mother; in fact, her mom Bunny Wilson is a dear friend.

3) PRAY FOR EVEN GREATER SUCCESS FOR THOSE YOU ENVY. Don’t be a hater who tries to “level the playing field” by being critical. You will surely reap what you sow! Believe it or not, SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE IS ENVYING SOMETHING ABOUT YOU! How would you like for them to handle their envy?

4) DON’T ALIENATE, INVESTIGATE! Many withdraw from the relationship when they start feeling “disadvantaged” or inferior. Instead, I say find out the key to that person’s success. You can believe that I’m gonna be interviewing Fawn big time. She’s going to be my new “best friend” (lol). Why, I’ve sold over 1.5 million books but not a SINGLE ONE has been on the NYT list! Of course, I have NOT put forth the promotional effort that Fawn has. Crazy, how we can envy folks and not want to pay the price they pay for their success. Are you envying somebody who’s skinny, happily married, easy to get along with, etc.? Don’t be too proud to interview ‘em about their habits and strategies. Humble yourself and be vulnerable. Just ask ‘em, “What’s your secret?”

5) SUBMIT TO GOD’S SOVEREIGN PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE. Decide to say “Yes” to whatever God is saying. FATHER KNOWS BEST. Believe this or stop claiming you trust Him. Don’t let envy steal your joy. Be Happy Every Day. Whew, I feel better already. Hope you do too!


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