A Call to the Strong, Independent Woman—Stop Emasculating Your Man!

I’m a strong, educated, and financially-independent woman who was fortunate enough to have two wise spiritual mentors. They both emphasized the importance of understanding a man’s need to be needed. I heeded their advice in each of the areas discussed below and it’s worked for me for almost 35 years. I’m concerned because several men have told me that their women “emasculate” them in simple ways. Here are FOUR…there are MORE:

1) Not letting (or asking) them to carry heavy bags –”I can do it!” –Sure you can… What he hears: ”I don’t need you!”

2) Contradicting him in front of his friends. What he hears: “You don’t rate.”

3) Making major decisions without acknowledging him: “I’ve hired a contractor to remodel the kitchen starting this Monday.” What he hears: “I make my own money and I don’t need or want your input.”

4) Second guessing or undoing his decisions: “I know you told the kids they couldn’t go to the party, but I thought it was okay.” What he hears: “I don’t respect your judgment or honor your place of authority in the home.”

Okay, so just stop it. Start being the woman who “opens her mouth with wisdom” (Prov. 31:26). You’re going to be shocked at the results. Yes, I know you are saying, “What about men giving women more honor?” That will be the subject of a later post. Let’s just work on ourselves for now. After all, Prov. 14:1 says, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”

Caring too much to let you go over a relational cliff!


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  1. Cukrzyca.XMC.pl
    Cukrzyca.XMC.pl says:

    What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that come from nowhere that Im pretty certain Id have a fair shot. Your weblog is fantastic visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed with your generic understanding of this subject.

    • Deborah Pegues
      Deborah Pegues says:

      I have never understood why people just don’t let you have your own opinion. What is this contentious spirit over the land????? Just reject the truth that you can’t embrace. No skin off of anyone’s back. I’m baffled and would be overwhelmed with frustration if I didn’t have a 42-year marriage and friends with similar longevity of marriages to prove what I say works. I’m praying for EVERYBODY to get a life and stop being argumentative. It never convinces anyone to change a mind. I don’t debate or try to change minds. I just put the truth out there as God speaks it, and results follow. End of debate.


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