Some things are easier said than done.  This holds true even when it comes to saying No. In fact, once you’ve said it,  you are done!  “No” is a complete sentence and saying it with grace when necessary and appropriate will help you lower your stress level, stay focused, and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Take the case of Jesus.  He compassionately performed many miracles for those who sought them. However, there were times when he knew that he had to move on to the next place in order to preach the gospel.  Sick people were constantly coming to Him– and His disciples were anxious for Him to heal them. On one occasion, motivated by an awaiting crowd, they sought for Him while He was alone praying. “When they found Him, they said to Him, ‘Everyone is looking for you’. But He said to them, ‘Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also because for this purpose I have come forth’ “ (Mark 1:37-38 NKJV). 

Did Jesus really say “No” to performing additional miracles? Didn’t he know that in doing so, he would disappoint many people? Why didn’t he fear being bad-mouthed?  Alienated?   Jesus knew exactly what His priorities were, and He stayed focused. Nothing was going to distract him from his God-given mission. Therefore, at the end of this life, He was able to give a glorious accounting of his time to His Heavenly Father:  “I brought glory to You here on earth by doing everything You told me to do” (John 17:4-5). Nothing more. Nothing less.

My heart’s desire is to have the testimony of Jesus. What about you? Can you honestly say that you only do what God has called you to do?  Or, do you find that you get caught up with so many “good things” that you can’t get to the “God’s things”? Do you often lament that you just can’t seem to make the main thing the main thing? Take time today to analyze your priorities.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to decide what things or people you need to just say “No” to starting NOW. TIP: Here is my immediate response to most attempted distractions by well-meaning people: “I’m sorry; I have another commitment.”  Yes, indeed, I do.  I am committed to pursuing God’s priorities ONLY! JUST SAY NO!

Try this prayer to invoke Heavenly help:⠀”Lord, teach me when and how to say no when it is Your will for me to do so.”