As of this writing near the end of 2020, women held only 7% of the CEO spots at S&P 500 companies (the 500 largest corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange). Not one of them was African American or Latina. These statistics are dismal. However, God forbid that you roll over and accept such gloomy facts as your personal fate. You must believe that you are going to be the exception to the predictions that it will take approximately two more centuries before gender equality in the work arenas becomes the norm. You can’t wait 200 years. The good news is that there are some actionable strategies that you can begin to employ now that can fast-track your journey.

You see, women belong at every leadership table. Why? Because it would be unwise to exclude half of God’s creation in managing the business, political, social, or other aspects of his great universe. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve, the First Couple ignored God’s grand plan to work together in step with His perfect plan. Eve veered off path and disobeyed God. And, the battle of the sexes began.

In my new book, LEAD LIKE A WOMAN, I take a faith-based approach to “righting the ship”. It reflects my high regard for ancient wisdom (a.k.a., the Holy Scriptures). I believe the Bible is the best leadership book ever written. In fact, this belief is one of my “leading” traits.  My personal experiences and lessons learned and those of the exceptional women leaders I interviewed for the book validate this truth. I want to inspire you to “cross the stereotype line” and wisely pursue your God-given destiny.

For those of you who are aspiring or new to leadership or those who have not gotten the desired response to your leadership efforts, the book will help you appreciate, embrace, and manage 12 powerful, inherent, and stereotypically female traits that give you an edge as a leader in today’s culture. These traits include being collaborative, nurturing, communicative, servant-hearted, vulnerable and more. If you have unwisely suppressed these traits or taken them to the extreme hoping to be more effective, each chapter will challenge you to change your thinking and to avoid turning these assets into liabilities.

Further, Part 2 of the book will highlight 12 counterproductive habits and tendencies that thwart your progress as a female leader. Habits such as disfavoring other women, downplaying your accomplishments, lacking executive presence, misunderstanding the male mindset, and more. The good news is that you can overcome all the roadblocks to your good success. So if you are ready to look in the mirror, be honest, and commit to making the necessary adjustments, I assure you that you can begin to enjoy a fulfilling, balanced, and prosperous adventure as a woman of influence for such a time as this.