Passing on the “F” Word…

Are you passing on the “F-word” or other profanity?

This is an “open letter” to all my mentees, admirers, relatives, and friends who confess to being a Christian.  Some of you post or re-post quotes, graphics, videos, and other input from folks who use the “F” word and other vile, profane language. I caution you to consider the mixed message this sends when a few posts before or after that, you praise God and exalt His name.

You may not stop to think about it, but whatever you send out under your name implies approval or acceptance. I caution you to guard your “brand” as a Christian and consider how this could call into question your sincerity. Now trust me, I’m writing this on command from the Holy Spirit. I wish I didn’t have to address this. I risk every reader’s rejection and anger. I am willing to face both because I want us Christians to be a light in the world and not a supporter of darkness.