5 Resolutions to Make & Keep Before Year-End

I love new beginnings, so I habitually make New Year’s resolutions. Each January for the past 40 years, I’ve been vowing to “get in top physical condition”. You could say that I’ve made some progress, losing over 200-pounds—technically, if you consider that I’ve lost the same 10 pounds about twenty times. But I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach as the next year looms. You see, I think it’s more important to finish strong than to beat yourself up for abdicating your “start”. So, I’m asking you to join me in these Year-End resolutions.

Spiritually: Decide that the Word of God will be your “lamp” that will direct every aspect of your life. Lock in on a Scripture that promises peace of mind. Personalize it into a declaration. Write it down for quick reference or memorize it. Each time you feel stressed or anxious, make it your “go-to” option during the rest of the year. Example: “Father, I thank you for keeping me in perfect peace because my mind is fixed on you.”

Physically: Commit to going to bed in time to get seven or eight hours of sleep; the earlier the better since certain metabolic and “cell renewal” processes take place at specific times of the night.

Relationally: Reach out and make peace with an estranged family member or friend via a phone call, card, text, or whatever you feel they will respond to. “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you. I miss you and hope that we can connect. Let’s talk at your earliest convenience.”

Emotionally: Let go of envy and unforgiveness.

Financially: Resolve to finish the year in the black; don’t go in the red on holiday spending.

Hey, we can do this… we have a powerful HELPER!