Remembering My Dad Today for His Legacy of Astute Financial Management…

He was not a touchy-feely kinda guy; you might even say he was emotionally unavailable. Never an “I love you.” Why, I don’t remember ever getting a birthday or other kind of card from him. But, he was my dad. I do remember that he was a great provider—never had bill collectors coming to our door, utilities being turned off, or being deprived of any of the NECESSITIES of life. Plus, he and my mom took us to church–a lot!

He was my dad—and I honored him as such all the days of his 79-year life. When I became an adult, I never failed to send him a gift for Fathers’ Day, Christmas, or his birthday. It just felt like the right thing to do.

When I was in college, he sent me $10 a month for all four years that I worked to get my BBA in Accounting. I learned to budget that money; I made it last for 30 days—spending only $1 for Sunday dinner (the dorm closed at noon on Sundays and if you chose to go to church, you missed the last meal of the day). I would buy two pieces of Church’s Chicken for 59-cents and a 35-cent pea salad at the cafeteria where my church-going buddies and I hung out after Sunday service. I used the rest of my allowance for toiletries. Today, I still budget my money closely—despite the fact that I’m no longer a 75-cents/hour domestic maid but a $250-$300/hour financial professional, global speaker, and bestselling author who has sold over 2 million books! Yup! I’m bragging on the faithfulness of God—my HEAVENLY FATHER—who has always been available to meet my spiritual, emotional, financial, physical, and relational needs.

I give my dad credit for teaching me—by example–how to keep my yearnings in alignment with my earnings, to invest in God’s house and His work, and to practice integrity in dealing with creditors and other financial matters. Rest in peace, Dad. You know that if you were alive, you would have gotten that Fathers Day check from me as you did each year.

To my social media tribe, I say, honor your dad today—even if you don’t think he is worthy. If you haven’t checked in with him today just to say “God bless you”, there is still time. Do it in obedience to your Heavenly Father’s command to “honor your parents” (Ephesians 6:1). He knew who needed to be your father in order for you to be the person you are today… a resourceful survivor; not a spoiled brat who can’t handle adversity. So, just do it!

Happy Father’s Day!

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