Synergy! Collaboration is the New Competition

I love the word “collaborate” because it suggests synergy–the concept that the “whole”  is greater than the sum of the parts.  We are surrounded by synergism in everyday life.  Take our physical bodies,  for example. Using free weights, I can lift about 3 pounds with each finger; thus, I should be able to life 15 pounds with a single hand. Interestingly, when I combine the effort of all my fingers working as a unit, I can lift my 40-pound suitcase!  The concept of synergy is found throughout the Bible. For example, Deuteronomy  32:30 speaks of ONE chasing a 1,000 but TWO putting 10,000 to flight. Hey wait! Something is wrong with the math here. If one can chase a 1,000 then two should only be able to chase 2,000. But not in God’s economy! When we combine efforts, we are 10 times more effective than working as a sole individual.

Corporations are increasingly collaborating, merging or forming  new entities to achieve certain synergies in their operations. Competing is fast becoming an outdated business model. I think it’s time we all jump on the bandwagon and look for ways to work  synergistically with others. We can start in our families. We can abandon the sibling rivalry and the bickering and commit to behavior that makes the family stronger. At work, try becoming the chief team player and to stop fretting about another getting your coveted promotion.  Serve without seeking credit and accolades at church; just cooperate with others and support their programs.  Don’t have a scarcity mentality that says, “If I help X succeed, there won’t be any benefits left for me!”  Such scarcity thinking is an insult to our God of abundance–and it will derail your destiny faster than a speeding bullet.  Surely you know that promotion comes from God (Psalms 75:6). So relax, nobody can get what’s yours. Enjoy the process and leave your  exaltation to God!

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