5 Actions Americans Must Take Now to Heal Our Nation

flagThe presidential election results are in. Millions of voters are elated while millions of others are devastated. How do we move forward personally and as a country after all the negativity surrounding the campaigns? How do we heal the damaged relationships because we refuse to accept another’s right to differ? My fellow Americans, I offer five critical actions we can take immediately to start the healing of our nation:

1)    Applaud the democratic process. Rejoice that we all had the opportunity to raise our voice and vote our choice—without fear of death or negative consequences.

2)    Be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. If your candidate lost, don’t pronounce doom on the country. If your candidate won, don’t gloat. Rather, recognize that the desires of the people were bigger than the candidates and their many shortcomings.

[Get the other 3 Actions at my guest blog for Bishop T.D. Jakes; this is an excerpt:  https://www.tdjakes.com/posts/5-actions-americans-must-take-now-to-heal-our-nation]




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